2015 Competition Time:

4 Small, 2 XXXL

On October 12, Arizona Senior Olympics will start 

selling NEW vintage tee shirts while supplies last.

Available sizes and styles vary so you’ll

need to hurry to get yours.   

Here's how to order:

Select the shirt you want and note it’s name and available sizes.

Call 602-274-7742 on Oct. 12 between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and tell Roxie Allen which shirt name and size you want. 

Shirts will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.

You may make an appointment to come to the office and

pick up your shirt to avoid shipping costs, but all shirts

must be purchased (with a credit or debit card) when ordered.
Shirts ordered by phone and picked up are just $5.00 
Shirts with shipping are $10.00

20th Anniversary

Putting the Plus in 50+

8 Small, 3 XXXL

Spirit of Aloha/White:


Play For the Health of It: 

1 small

Making Fitness fun Red:  1 XXXL

2009 Reaching New Heights:

2 L, 1 XL 1 XXL

New Age of Fitness/Eagle: 3 small

Spirit of Aloha/Yellow:

12 small, 2 XL, 8 XXL

Turquoise w/All sports on back:

10 XXL

2006 Stayin' Alive:

3 XL, 2 XXL


Make Fitness Fun Lime Green:

2 XL, 1 XXXL

Valley of the Sun: 2 Small, 1 XXL

2014 I Struck Gold:

18 Small, 6 Medium, 1 XL,


25th Anniversary Medal


2016 35th Anniverary:

7 Small, 1 XXL, 3 XXXL