These are the qualifying games for the 2023 National Senior Games in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!


We are happy that you are interested in our 2022 Games – and we’re glad to be back!  Please read all of this information before registering for the Games.

We were unable to hold our 2021 Games due to the pandemic and these 2022 Games could be altered depending upon the rate of infection in the State of Arizona.   Each sport has been analyzed for the best ways to keep our athletes as safe as possible, and we are following CDC and National Sports Governing Body mitigation requirements. Some requirements apply to all sports and some are specific and differ by sport. Please read the SPORTS INFORMATION SHEET that applies to your sport(s) and be guided accordingly.  In all of this our #1 priority is your safety and the safety of those around you, but we all must recognize that there is a risk that you may come into contact with COVID while attending or competing.

We are happy that you have registered for our 2022 Games – and we’re glad to be back!  Please read all of this information before registering for the Games and be sure to read the Sports Information Sheet for your sport (access is on the 2022 Games Tab) which has the details for each sport.

In the past two years we have all become familiar with COVID-19 and the world-wide pandemic.  Guidelines have been issued from the CDC, WHO, and many sports governing bodies.  They have changed as the virus changed and we too have changed some of the policies, in keeping with new data that’s been released. We know that we cannot produce a virus-free environment for our Games, however your health and safety is our top priority.

Our first line of defense against the virus is YOU, and we are counting on everyone to do the right thing and stay away if
you are feeling sick, if you have been around anyone who has COVID or is displaying COVID-like symptoms, or if you test positive for COVID.

We are asking that you observe and cooperate with the following protocols that will

be practiced at our 2022 Games.

​     If you are feeling unwell, please do not come to your competition.  Seek testing and medical care.

--- Please bring a good mask and wear it at all times. Wearing your mask during competition is encouraged!
--- Please bring bottled water with your name clearly marked on the container.
--- Please practice social distancing throughout the facility.
--- Refreshments will not be provided, so please bring a lunch or snacks in your own container.
--- Guests are limited to one person per athlete, and we ask that they too observe all these protocols.
--- There will be hand sanitizes and we encourage you to use it often and to wash your hands frequently.
--- Please do not gather around the awards area and come to that area only if your name is called to receive an award.

There may be other protocols at various sports, please give your friendly cooperation to those managers and officials who are working hard to make your experience safe and enjoyable.  Please treat everyone with respect and know that we are all simply trying to do the best we can with a difficult situation.  Everyone’s safety and health are extremely important to us……it’s why Arizona Senior Olympics exists!



Our first line of defense against the virus is YOU, and we are counting on everyone to do the right thing and stay away if
you are feeling sick, if you have been around anyone who has COVID or is displaying COVID-like symptoms, or if you test positive for COVID.​

GAME DATES AND TIMES: These will vary throughout the year. Please check our website frequently for information regarding your sport. The most current information will be under the tab “2022 Games”.  

OPEN STATE:  Out of state athletes are welcome!

FEES AND CLOSING DATES:    Fees:   $40.00 Registration (Membership) plus the sport fees for your chosen events.

                                                                                       (See amount on the Information Sheets for your sports).

WAIVER:  All athletes are required to accept the terms of the Waiver of Liability and the Code of Conduct. Covid-19 is highly contagious, even for those who are vaccinated, and Arizona Senior Olympics cannot eliminate the risk that you may become infected due to your attendance and/or participation.

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT:  Each participant must register as an individual, with a unique email address, and sign the Waiver and Code of Conduct.   On-line payment is by credit card only.  We are sorry but there is no mail in registration this year.

CONFIRMATION: Participants will receive an email confirmation of entry. Please retain and bring to your sport check in.  

CHECK IN: All participants are expected to check in at their sport venue 30 – 60 minutes prior to the start of competition (see Sports Information Sheet for your sport). You must check in personally with a photo ID showing your date of birth and your proof of vaccination or a negative test taken within 48 hours.

DOUBLES: Doubles will only be played in sports where it is possible to maintain a 6 ft distance between partners.  Players are expected to recruit their own partners prior to registering.  If you cannot find a partner in your age group you can recruit someone in a younger age group.  After recruiting a partner, follow the procedure for TEAM REGISTRATION.

​AGE GROUPS:  Competition is by age group starting at 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69 etc.  All sports use your age on 12/31/2022 to determine your age group – except Swimming and Track and Field who will use the day of the competition.   We reserve the right to combine groups when there is not enough competition in an age group. Combining is always into the next lower age group. This applies to both individual and team sports.  Awards are always given by age group, regardless of combining.

AWARDS: Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be given to first, second and third place winners in each age group. Ribbons will be given as is appropriate to the sport. Awards will be presented in a modified Olympic style ceremony at the Awards Area when the names of the winners are called.  We are asking that there be no gathering around the awards area. If you win an award but do not come to the award ceremony, you will need to call the ASO office for an appointment to pick up your award. Awards cannot be mailed.

 Refunds are given only for family bereavement or serious medical conditions resulting in inability to participate. Requests must be received by March 25.   A signed and dated doctor’s certification, or a funeral program, is required documentation.  A $25 processing fee will be deducted from the refund.

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Every effort will be made to complete all events in every sport. A “rain or shine” policy will prevail unless there are safety issues. No refunds due to weather or circumstances beyond our control.

CONDUCT:  Arizona Senior Olympics reserves the right to expel any athlete from any competition for the display of unsportsmanlike conduct, including refusal to comply with our Covid-19 safety measures.  We expect every athlete to treat all fellow athletes and volunteers with respect and good will. 

SPECTATORS: Spectators are welcome in the designated seating areas.

 Be sure to check the CALENDAR OF EVENTS found on this website to avoid registering for events with conflicting dates.  You are responsible to be at your event at the check in time listed on the SPORTS INFORMATION SHEETS   ( – 2022 Registration tab).

 While it is not possible for us to create a virus free event, we are doing our best to make your experience at our Games enjoyable and safe. We are counting on the good will, good sense and kind hearts of our athletes to cooperate and help in this effort.