Arizona Senior Olympics is a program of the Arizona Lifelong Fitness Foundation,

a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and implementing fitness

programs and activities for people fifty years and better. The Games are

open to anyone over fifty, regardless of residency and are held in venues

throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. 

Please read the following general registration information before proceeding to the  

Top Score registration page.

DATES AND TIMES:     The 2018 Arizona Senior Olympic Games will be held from Saturday, February 11th through Sunday, March 11th.  Check the sports information for the sports in which you intend to participate for details.  

NATIONAL GAMES:  The 2018 Arizona Senior Olympic Games are a qualifier for the 2019 National Senior Games to be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Those sports offered by the National Games are so indicated in the registration program. 

OPEN STATE:  Out of state athletes are welcome and may compete in all the sports offered by Arizona Senior Olympics and may qualify for the national games without displacing any Arizonan.  This is in keeping with the NSGA "Qualifying Down" rule.

FEES:  We have tried to hold the line on most fees however, in some cases where the venue cost has risen we have raised the fee for participants, but have done our best to make minimal increases. For most sports, there is a $25 Registration Fee and a Sport Fee that varies by sport.   Late registration incurs a $5 late fee.  Paper registration incurs a $5 late fee and a $5 data entry fee.   

WAIVER:  All athletes are required to sign or click acceptance of the Agreement, Release and Waiver of Liability. 

GAMES SHIRTS: COMING SOON!  Buy your 2018 Games shirt at our new

ASO Store!  You can simply go the the STORE tab to view & order this year's design

& purchase the size you want!  

REGISTRATION  AND  PAYMENT:   Please register on-line.  Each participant must register and sign the waiver as an individual.  On-line payment is by credit card only and will be indicated as TOP SCORE on your credit card statement

TEAM REGISTRATION:  The first person to register for a team event (including doubles) must give their team a unique, memorable name.  Then the other member(s) of that team will use that name to register for their team event.  No team registration will be considered complete until all team members have registered.  In the case of large teams, the manager or their designee will register the name of the team, give that name to the members of the team and each team member will use that name to register themselves individually.  

AWARDS: Gold, silver and bronze medals will be given to first, second and third place finishers in each age group. Ribbons will be given as is appropriate to the sport. Awards are given Olympic style, giving attention and honor to the winning athletes.  Awards are given at the competition site. If you choose not to stay for the awards ceremony, you must pick up your medal at the ASO offices in Phoenix.  Medals will not be mailed.

REFUNDS:  Refunds are given only for bereavement or serious medical reasons and requests must be received by March 31.  A doctor’s certification or funeral program is required for verification.

TEAM REFUNDS: Arizona Senior Olympics cannot guarantee the number of teams competing in a particular age group.  Competition is achieved in ALL SPORTS with  the“competing down rule” which allows the Sport Commissioner to combine age groups downward to achieve adequate competition.  Although competition ages are mixed, awards and national qualification are always given by age group.  Team fees are non refundable.  

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Arizona Senior Olympics is not responsible for changes to the event program, postponements or cancellations due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control. In the event of inclement weather, every effort will be made to complete all games and events if possible. No refunds will be given as a result of these circumstances.

CONDUCT:  Arizona Senior Olympics reserves the right to expel any athlete from any competition for the display of unsportsmanlike conduct.  We expect every athlete to treat all fellow athletes and volunteers with respect and good will. 

SPECTATORS: Spectators are welcome at all ASO sporting events.  They must adhere to the Code of Conduct and refrain from interfering with or assisting an athlete during actual competition, which could risk the athlete being disqualified.  Snacks and beverages supplied to the athletes, in venues where they are not available, are not intended for spectators. 



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